AZ Building Energy Codes Resources and Contacts:

Overall code resources listed below. The most direct way to an easy answer on Arizona Building Energy Codes, Residential & Commercial, is to open the AZBO Directory below and find the building official contacts in your area.

Efficiency First Arizona (EFAZ) can assist too. We’re working with a collaborative team of code experts to make this easier for all involved. Codes save money, energy and lives. Arizona is complicated as we’re a Home Rule State, meaning that there is no overall building code. In addition, the state is over 1/4 Tribal Nations, which sometimes collaborate with local jurisdictions on codes. This is confusing for consumers and building professionals. Stay tuned for more solutions. Contact EFAZ if you’d like to get involved. or 480.636.7375.

2016 AZBO Directory   Arizona Building Officials Directory with local code requirements

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IECC 2012 – Mandatory Residential Code Measures   SRP (Salt River Project) Easy Residential IECC 2012
IECC 2015 – Mandatory Residential Code Measures   SRP (Salt River Project) Easy Residential IECC 2015
2012 IECC Guidelines for AZ Homes and Climate Map   Created by BCAP (Building Codes Assistance Project)
2015 IECC Guideline for AZ Homes and Climate Map  Per BCAP, in development to be released at later date
DOE IECC 2012 Overview 2012iecc_commercial_envelope_BECU   DOE IECC 2012 Commercial Codes Overview
IECC Code Commercial Energy Savings PNNL-22760   Why wouldn’t you comply with IECC Commercial Codes?


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Communicating Energy Codes Benefits – Presented by BCAP at 2014 SWEEP Conference

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DOE (Department of Energy) Building Energy Codes Program
Saving Energy and Money with US Building Energy Codes

Please feel free to contact Efficiency First Arizona (EFAZ) with any residential or commercial building codes questions. We’ll help to connect you to the right answer and perhaps an easier way to comply with codes to protect consumers and your business! It’s not just about an inspection, it’s about risk mitigation, saving money, saving lives and improving health. It’s easier than people think, especially with experts to assist you.